Becoming a Member

Create your safety net for the future with your Wellness Coordinator as a BeWell@Home member.

To join, you must be 55 years or better, meet health eligibility criteria, maintain Medicare and supplemental health insurance or another acceptable insurance coverage, and live independently in South Carolina.

After a year of membership, your BeWell@Home membership is transferable within the continental United States, so if you discover a home somewhere else, we’ll be there for you through the transition and beyond.

BeWell@Home is a fraction of what you could pay in long-term care later. After a reasonable one-time membership activation fee based on your enrollment age, you can depend on affordable, predictable monthly payments to cover the healthcare services you may need whether for short-term recovery or full-time care.

The Membership Process

As a prospective BeWell@Home member, you must first attend an educational seminar or have a personal visit with BeWell@Home staff to discuss program details, options, pricing, and preliminary medical eligibility. This allows you determine if BeWell@Home is right for you and can be done at one of the BeWell@Home offices or even in the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Application Process

If after an educational seminar or personal visit with program staff you determine that BeWell@Home is the right program for you, you will then fill out an application and provide a $500 non-refundable application fee per applicant to begin the application process.

Step 2: Medical Approval Process

Upon receipt of your application, BeWell@Home will conduct a short cognitive test and begin gathering medical records from all of your physicians for the past 5 years. Upon receipt of all records, the BeWell@Home medical team will review your medical history and make a recommendation on your suitability for the program. This process may take as much as 30 days depending on how quickly medical records are obtained from the various medical practices.

Step 3: Approval Period

Upon BeWell@Home membership approval, you will have 30 days to complete the member process including the receipt of all appropriate fees. If you are not approved for the program, BeWell@Home will assist in making recommendations and help you prepare an alternate plan for your future long-term care needs.

One-on-One Consultation

Meet with our BeWell@Home specialist for a private introduction to how membership can benefit you and integrate seamlessly with your independent, active lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.