Are You Prepared?

Much like everything else, the cost of health care is on the rise leaving some unable to afford the medical bills they may face if their health were to decline. How would they remain at home, and how could they afford the help they may need?

Rather than hoping for the best, why not prepare for the unexpected?

With the BeWell@Home program, you can have the confidence of a plan in place that you, along with your personal Wellness Coordinator, have crafted specific to you, your goals, and your expectations. Then, if anything were to happen, your personal Coordinator will put your plan into action so you and your family can get the best care possible without having to worry about all of the complicated details.

With BeWell@Home, you will always have a plan that covers all of your long-term care needs for the rest of your life.

Advantages Over Long-term Care Insurance

Pair your long-term health insurance with a plan that predicts and covers you from holes within your coverage. Long-term care insurance can be a complex and complicated program. With your personal Wellness Coordinator to help, you have an expert at the helm who knows not only the system but also your wishes and needs based on your individual plan.

Long-Term Care InsuranceBeWell@Home
High premiums, coverage typically limited Affordable costs
Coverage varies from policy to policy with eligibility limitations Flexible, compre­hensive coverage
Limited care coordination of service providers Care coordination and caregiver continuity
Reimburse­ment / services dependent upon policy, network, and eligibility Trusted provider with proven reputation in serving older adults for more than 100 years
You must be dependent in at least two activities of daily living before coverage begins Any health change will activate your care
Coverage typically limited by type and duration Options for care outside of home if needed
Specific policy limits and exclusions Broad service package
You handle the paperwork and coordination of services yourself You have a relationship with your Wellness Coordinator who partners with you as your needs change
Coverage typically limited by type and duration Care options outside of home if needed
30-360 days elimination period with out-of-pocket costs No elimination periods
No referral services, social, or wellness programs Includes referral services, social, or wellness programs
Claim focused Relationship focused
Represent­atives available during business hours, not available on weekends Wellness Coordinator available 24/7 365

Upcoming Seminars

Bring your questions and explore a retirement that maintains your independence while giving you the security of a continuum of care right at home. Learn all about how BeWell@Home could be your retirement solution at one of our upcoming seminars.

City Range - Greenville

Wednesday, May 29 at 11:00AM

Old Town Kitchen & Cocktails - Rock Hill

Tuesday, June 18 at 11:00AM

Heritage at Lowman Wellness Center & Gallery - Chapin

Wednesday, June 19 at 1:00PM